Friday, April 18, 2014

Putting a smile into a community.

Community action in Christchurch has a wonderful new twist.  Community groups apply for assistance and then, if the application is approved, they are put in touch with a local group of Rotarians.  Using the skills, the time and the contacts of the local Rotary members, the community groups receive the benefit.  And this match between a need and volunteer service is proving to be a winner.

CTV April14 from Howard Tong on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Solomon Islands Update - DONATE NOW

This disaster is looking like the biggest in the region since the Tsunami that struck Samoa in 2009.
There is a desperate need for basics such as kitchen utensils.  There are none available in any of the stores there, and people whilst they can cook on open fires, have nothing to cook in. In fact there is little basic stock of anything available and if there were, the people most affected have no money to purchase.
12,000 people in evacuation centres have nothing to return home to. Chaos abounds in the sector with some agencies trying to shut others coordination...... no management - just self interest.

Rotary NZ World Community Service (RNZWCS) has been in touch with their Australian counterparts (RAWCS) overnight who have substantial donantions in most states and they will dispatch kitchen utensils etc. with urgency.  Rotary Australia’s AquaBox, (similar to New Zealand's Emergency Response Kit) and coordinated efforts are underway.

All Rotary clubs should support our Pacific neighbours by contributing to RNZWCS when disasters such as this occur.

UPDATE – THURSDAY April 11, 2014

Rotarians in Honiara, Australia and Fiji are working togetner. Contact has been made with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and it is hoped to have ERKs on the next RNZAF flight – no date set.

Rotary Fiji have obtained space on Fiji Air out of Nadi and pre-positioned Rotary New
Zealand ERKs are being sent from there. Rotary Australia have confirmed they will send a pallet load from their complimentary AquaBox supplies. Rotary Australia also to send supplies of kitchen utensils from their DIK warehouse.

President Aldrin, Rotary Honiara yesterday advised RNZWCS that a member has tragically lost a son who was swept away by the flood waters and to date his body not

Donations have started to come in through the RNZWCS website (PayPal and Give-alittle)
which is encouraging. In consultation with President Aldrin, funds raised in New Zealand will go towards rehabilitation of health centres and schools.


Rotary - Solomon Islands Flood Appeal
Donations may be made by cheque to:
RNZWCS Limited – Solomon’s Appeal
PO Box 20309
Christchurch 8543
or at any Westpac Branch
Acct 03 1702 0192208 01 or through other options posted on RNZWCS website

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Rotary International identifies leaders

The December Australia/New Zealand Institute in Wellington, New Zealand will be welcoming the incoming RI President for 2015/16,  Ravi Ravindran from Sri Lanka.  He will be one of a number of key note speakers at the Institute in December.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Solomon Islands calling for assistance and Rotary responds

At least 16 people have died in flooding in the Solomon Islands capital Honiara - and there are fears the death toll will rise as the weather worsens.
The Solomon Islands National Emergency Operations Centre estimate more than ten thousand people are affected. 
Rotary in the Solomon Islands have requested help from New Zealand Rotarians as they respond to the devastating floods of the past 24 hours.

Emergency non food items are desperately needed including shelter (tents) and other basics for the many thousands who have lost everything after their homes were swept away.

Rotary New Zealand have tents and emergency response kits on stand by by and have been advised by Rotary in the capital Honiara  that a call from the Solomon Island’s National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) is likely to made following a state of emergency being called.

“Rotary is most often one of the first cabs off the rank in emergencies like this” spokesperson Stuart Batty said. Working with local NDMO, they are able to arrange through their own volunteers and supporters network an immediate response. Rotary New Zealand through their website appeal for cash donations to support the victims of this disaster.

About Rotary New Zealand
Rotary New Zealand (RNZWCS Limited) was registered on 11 December 2003 as a limited liability company to foster confidence with all stakeholders by governing its relationships and giving a clearer picture of its professional approach. With the establishment of a formal Non Governmental Organisation entity, it was granted full membership by the Council for International Development in 2004 and is a member of the NGO Disaster Relief Forum. It has Inland Revenue Charitable Status including Donee Status under Schedule 32 of the Income Tax Act.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

India beats the odds, beats polio

Howrah District, India (CNN) -- Rukhsar Khatoon is too young to fully grasp the significance of her life: that she is a last in a country of 1.2 billion people.

She has become the greatest symbol of India's valiant -- and successful -- effort to rid itself of a crippling and potentially deadly disease. Rukhsar, 4, is the final documented case of polio in India.

Her face has appeared in newspapers and on television. She's been invited to national events by Rotary International, the organization that led the effort to rid India of polio. She is a literal poster child, an inspiration, a symbol of a feat that no doctor or health official thought possible even a few years ago.

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