Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Friday, July 18, 2014

Keep the date free - Red Nose Day 22nd August

About Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day was established in New Zealand in 1989, back when Cure Kids was known as the Child Health Research Foundation.

It was an amazing national endeavour, and thanks to the incredible fundraising efforts of everyday Kiwis, researchers led by Professor Ed Mitchell — one of Cure Kids professorial research chairs — pioneered the “back to sleep” technique that is now the global standard for dramatically reducing the number of babies lost to cot death.

Today, Red Nose Day for Cure Kids has an even bigger goal, to keep funding research into the illnesses and conditions that affect the lives of Kiwi kids.

Everyday New Zealanders — people just like you — opened their hearts and have helped improve or prolong the lives of many Kiwi kids while we go for the ultimate goal: the cure.

This year, Red Nose Day promises to be the biggest yet!
More details to follow on how you can help out this amazing cause.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Public Image Newsletter - July 2014

It is not uncommon for Rotarians to wonder how they can do better project publicity but do not know quite where to go for the tips and leads to help in achieving this.
After all, good publicity draws in the crowds to a project and also those all-important potential members. Your days of wondering are over if you read this: http://urls.ht/18q   

Monday, July 14, 2014

Emergency Response Kits program gets International Exchange Student support

Taken from our RNZWCS Bulletin:
One of the key tools Rotary New Zealand uses to respond to disasters in the Pacific is through the Emergency Response Kit programme. And to show their appreciation of the programme, at a farewell function for Exchange Students returning home after a year in New Zealand, they presented Rotarian Willard Martin with a cheque for $2,227.

The students sought donations during their time in New Zealand whenever an opportunity presented itself. Well done and thank you from Rotary New Zealand.

Rotary's Brand Centre

If you haven't had a chance yet, a great resource to start with. Has something for everyone.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


If you are planning on attending the next RI Convention, important news for you:

Rotary International President Gary Huang and the RI Board have
changed the dates for the 2015 Rotary Convention in São Paulo,
Brazil, to Saturday, 6 June, through Tuesday, 9 June – starting and
ending one day earlier than previously scheduled. The dates were changed
because the original opening day (Sunday, 7 June) coincided with
one of the city's most popular parades.

Will be a very colourful convention with parades most of us have never experienced, so put the date in the diary.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Something that needs to be changed

People do not know us. They don't know Rotary.
Time for us to use our resources, people & projects to change this.

Winemakers will make people happy

This is going to be a great event to profile Rotary and at the same time give people lots of fun - food and wine are a great way to enjoy company.

Wine Makers poster

Friday, July 11, 2014

Increased efforts will Light Up Rotary

Rotarians around the world have thanked their past leaders and have now welcomed in their new leaders.  Willing and focused volunteers look towards a new year with the potential of fresh plans being put into place.  
Rotary joins leaders - how true!

Rotary shares ideas - with increasing collaboration with the community

And Rotary takes action - and who better to rely on than local Rotarians.

We have a fresh, clean image, we have a real focus on a 'new voice' and we have a new focus to 'Light Up Rotary' 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Online is on target

Many Rotarians are totally unaware of the online features that have recently been released by Rotary International.  There are many who are keen to learn more about My Rotary, the Brand Centre and other features such as Rotary Club Central and Rotary Showcase.
All of these facilities are being embraced by Rotary Clubs around the world - but not fast enough.  
Let's see a real take-up in the new Rotary year. Offer your services to your Club to demonstrate the features.  We must  take advantage of these new features.